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We have been offering the highest quality aquarium and pond maintenance in Scotland since early 2012. We offer maintenance of fresh water aquariums, ponds and custom built aquariums. We have a high standard of presentation for the home or office aquariums and ponds. All services are conducted in a professional manner and tanks are maintained at the highest level. Located in Carluke, we offer our services to Scotland.

We will gladly visit your office, residence or anywhere else that you might have a tank or pond.

We offer many types of aquarium and pond services but specialise in large aquariums & ponds, setups, and breakdowns. We are happy to offer a consultation in person in order to establish the best possible service plan according to the needs of the customer. We strive for customer satisfaction and are always trying to build a working relationship with our customers. You will find that all services offered by Dymond Aquarium Install, are done so at the most reasonable rates.

Copy of our our public liability insurance is available on request. In this day and age we recommend that you ask all companies for a copy of this as alot of them don't have the correct cover.

Regular tank and pond maintenance is always recommended to keep a livable and non polluted environment for the fish and other aquatic inhabitants.

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Free Visit to Assess the work required up to (30 miles) from us, Estimates will be sent to you by email. Outdoor Workers Supply office staff with estimates on time and parts required, no two jobs are the same.

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Tel: 01555 463 746, Open 7 days week.
Our Aquarium Services List
  • Fish Tank Maintenance
  • Fish Tank Cleaning / Aquarium Maintenance
  • Fish Tank Lights
  • Fish Tank Pump
  • Fish Tank Equipment
  • Fish Tank Repair / Aquarium Repair
  • Fish Tank Hire
  • Fish Tank Saftey
  • Fish Tank Green Water Control
  • Fish Tank / Aquarium Moving
  • Fish Tank Refurbishment
  • Fish Tank Problem Solving / Aquarium Problem
  • Fish Tank Removal
  • Fish Tank 3D Backround Installation
  • Fish Tank 2D Backround Installation
  • Fish Tank Sand and Stones
  • Fish Tank Plants
  • Fish Tank Hand Made and Tested
  • Fish Tank Custom Made Stone Decorashon
  • Fish With Safe Delivery
Our Pond Services List
  • Pond Installation / Pond Install
  • Pond Cleaning / Pond Maintenance
  • Pond Filters
  • Pond UV
  • Pond UV Bulb With Installation
  • Pond supplies & install
  • Pond Pumps
  • Pond Lights
  • Pond Equipment
  • Pond Drain Down
  • Pond Saftey
  • Pond Paint
  • Pond Waterfall Seal
  • Pond Liner Repair / Pond Repair
  • Pond Green Water Control
  • Pond Alegae Control
  • Pond Refurbishment
  • Pond Problem Solving
  • Pond Removal
  • Pond Fish With Safe Delivery
Water Feature Services List
  • Water Feature Installation / Water Feature Install
  • Water Feature Cleaning / Water Feature Maintenance
  • Water Feature Filters
  • Water Feature UV
  • Water Feature UV Bulb With Installation
  • Water Feature supplies & install
  • Water Feature Pumps
  • Water Feature Lights
  • Water Feature Equipment
  • Water Feature Drain Down
  • Water Feature Saftey
  • Water Feature Paint
  • Water Feature Waterfall Seal
  • Water Feature Liner Repair / Water Feature Repair
  • Water Feature Green Water Control
  • Water Feature Alegae Control
  • Water Feature Refurbishment
  • Water Feature Problem Solving
  • Water Feature Removal
  • Water Feature To Pond
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Central Scotland, E.G. Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Kilmarnock, Livingston, Dumfries, Ayr and Surrounding Areas. If you are outwith the above areas please email us as we may still be able to accommodate you.

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  • I very seldom take the time to write a review, but William and Michelle deserve the feedback, It's been a long time since I have had such good service and value for money. We had for 3 years been trying to stop our water feature from losing water and been unsuccessful. William spend time rebuilding and redesigning the whole area. Not only does it not lose water, it also looks amazing too! Thanks guys.
    Alison Christie, 2015